Anna Kosa Abstract Expressionist Artist

Anna Kosa is a London based abstract expressionist artist with a background in BA Design & MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. She creates positive mental health enhancing original fine art paintings, hand finished limited edition fine art prints on canvas & interior pieces for private and corporate clients. Her artworks are designed to relax the mind, help cultivate positive emotions & mood states stimulating the creative side of the brain take over while observing her pieces.

This effect reduces cortisol that is created by stress & elevates dopamine levels improving creative problem solving. It also enables the viewer to find new previously undiscovered ways of dealing with challenges in all areas of their lives. She is inspired by Positive Psychology concepts such as Post Traumatic Growth, Broaden & Build theory informed by colour psychology. Her inspiration for colours and holographic effects come from the nature. The layering is informed by the complex nature of human beings. 


She is reflecting on when we see someone from afar, it requires an open mind to not narrow the personality of that person to the subtotal of what we can see from a distance. Keeping our hearts and minds open allows us to discover more of the ever changing and unique components each one of us has. 


Her work explores the complexities of the human condition and captures the feelings, mood states and process of emotional healing in colourful & holographic art. It changes throughout the day and looks different from every angle. This visual effect is inspired by the natural movement of the sun and it's changes throughout the day.


Symbolising that the natural world will always carry on and no matter how dark the night might get, the sun will always come up in the morning.  


For her latest corporate commission she created an abstract expressionist painting depicting the employees Hopes & Dreams for 2021 to inspire the team to return to the office after the pandemic with a positive mindset and uplifted spirit. This also inspired her latest series of work and recent solo exhibition in London, at Pepita Art Collective. 


With her work she's aiming to bring calm and comfort to the viewer helping their mind to rest, wander and feel a sense of peace during uncertain times. Creating a safe escape from the everyday worries that are, in the face of this pandemic at times amplified even more.


Her work has very recently featured in British Vogue, London Life & Tatler. She is also part of The World of Interiors spring campaign in their March, April & May issue 2021. She is currently represented by Longitude Art Gallery, Réver Art Gallery and you can also find her Limited Edition Fine Art Prints at Art Republic.


2021-When All This Is Over-Solo Exhibition - Pepita Art Collective 

2020-Only Human-Virtual Solo Exhibition 

2020-Wild Heart-Virtual Solo Exhibition 

2020-Brave Enough - Virtual Solo Exhibition 

2019-Stigma-Group Exhibition-Creative Voices Mind


2018-2020: MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, University of East London

2013-2017: Ba Hons Fashion Design Extended University of East London

2012-2013: Foundation of Art and Design, University of East London

“ I hope everyone who encounters my artwork get a positive feeling and outlook towards the future. Even in moments when it doesn't seem so positive, because in those are the precise moments when we need positivity the most. ”
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