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Golden Hour
Original Artwork
Acrylics on box canvas
Signed on the back
Ready to hang on all four sides
100 x 150 x 4 cm

Available as Hand Finsished Limited Edition Giclée Prints on Box Canvas
Edition of  10, 102 x 152 cm
Signed and numbered on the back
With Certificate of authenticity
Printed on Enquiry

Golden Hour is the first hour of daylight after sunrise and last hour before sunset which produces a warm natural light. These times of the day are perfect for contemplation for Anna.

Seeing the sky changing into softer tones inspired her palette for this artwork. As she was mixing up warm tones of orange & pink while casted over shades of blue & purple tones, Anna reflected on achievements that she's proud of.

She also noted how easy it is to forget to stop and celebrate our little wins.

When everything is so fast paced and connected, creating a sense of urgency at all times it consequentially rob everyone out of their opportunity to feel pride for their accomplishments as the next thing is calling.

Anna's intention was to create an artwork that allows the viewer the mental space to slow down and reflect on things they accomplished recently but did not have the chance to acknowledge.

She invites the viewer to allow themselves to fully experience pride & joy for the unique contributions they are making in the world.
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