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A dream came true today, our first rug in our collaboration with FCI London

Today we celebrate the introduction of positive psychology inspired wellbeing enhancing art into the world of interiors, starting with our flagship rug, 'Electric Fire'.

This artwork is originally part of my collection 'Brave Enough', that invites the viewer into the vulnerable space of my journey to healing from abuse, inspiring them to take a positive look at their own traumas. This composition was inspired by the impact of inner dialogue on individuals. I contemplated the importance of having an empowering internal narrative when facing a difficult situation and how overcoming adversity made me stronger and enabled to tap into my inner strength and reignite my personal power. For my palette, I chose empowering colours of pink and red that helped me to channel my feminine energies and added orange that in Colour Psychology stands for enthusiasm, excitement and warmth. If you follow my journey you probably know that interiors are really close to my heart and seeing my art on rugs was a long standing dream of mine. I remember the day when I came across the beautiful Instagram account of FCI for the first time. I was captivated straight away by the timeless elegance of the pieces and I wanted to know more. Soon I discovered how much we have in common. Alongside making luxury and bespoke furniture, each of which are manufactured to the highest standards and easily pass as works of art, FCI is an independently owned family business with deep roots in furniture design, manufacture and interiors. Their honest, transparent approach to business and longstanding, personal relationships with all of their suppliers (most of them going back over 25 years) inspired me to reach out to the team to present my ideas and a match was made. We began our shared journey together starting with a collection of 12 rugs featuring my works with an aim to create conversational pieces that offer a sense of healing through bold and meaningful strokes that acknowledge and represent our innermost feelings, turmoil and how we recover from them. Thank you so much for the team for all their support, guidance and expert craftsmanship, giving me this amazing opportunity and to 'Electric Fire' to come alive as a luxury handmade rug. I am so grateful. Come and experience this beautifully crafted rug in real life at our stand 01 Design London Exhibition until Saturday 25 September.

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