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FREE Worldwide postage on all original artworks

Original multipanelled acrylic painting on 1.5cm deep stretched cotton canvas

90 x 140cm in total - 1x 45.5 x 55.5cm Medium Mosaic & 6x 30 x 40cm small Mosaics

Hanging hardware applied on 4 sides, edges painted dark blue

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity

Signed on the back


Electric Fire (2019)

  • I created this composition inspired by the impact of inner dialogue on individuals. I contemplated the importance of having an empowering internal narrative when facing difficult situation. I reflected on how overcoming adversity made me stronger enabling me to tap into my inner strength and reignite my personal power. 

    While experimenting with working on a wet surface, I allowed myself to trust the process and use my subconscious to guide me, leading to a surprising outcome. For my palette I chose empowering colours of pink and red that helped to channel my feminine energies and added orange that in Colour Psychology stands for enthusiasm, excitement and warmth. I finished the artwork off with splashes of silver as a visual reminder to trust my inner strength and intuition.

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