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FREE Worldwide delivery on all original artworks

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Original acrylic painting 

100 x 100cm on  4cm deep stretched cotton canvas
Hanging hardwares applied on each 4 sides, edges painted gold

Can be hung 4 ways

All artworks come with Certificate of Authenticity

Signed on the back

Enchanted Forest (2021)

  • This artwork is inspired by the Mysteries of our minds. 

    I've always been fascinated by how Everything starts within our thoughts. 

    Our realities are completely subjective and depending on what we create within our minds first that is what we are living. 

    Knowing that our minds are so powerful and that they can create our heaven on earth or a living hell, but fragile at the same time it is easy to get intimidated and makes us feel like we have no control. 

    But this is not true - We have the power to train our minds to help us with positive and kind thoughts creating an empowering narrative so we can write the ending for our story, but we cannot take our minds for granted. 

    This painting is a visual reminder to the viewer to embrace the powerful capabilities of their psyche and nurture their minds.

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