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Original acrylic painting 

100 x 100cm on  4cm deep stretched cotton canvas

Hanging hardwares applied on each 4 sides, edges painted gold

All artworks come with Certificate of Authenticity

Signed on the back

Glimpses of Hope (2021)

  • This artwork was inspired by those crucial moments when we discover light in the midst of our darkest times.

    I invite the viewer to embrace the light in the presence of darkness.

    I created this piece on Suicide Prevention Day to raise awareness to the delicate and fragile nature of human lives and the importance of checking in on eachother.

    When we are all busy rushing chasing our everyday hustles trying to get the end of our to do list it is easy to forget that some of us might be silently suffering.

    Sometimes that one message or phonecall is the difference between someone is asking for help or choose to take their own lives.

    While creating this artwork I reflected on my own darkest moments in and used that to fuel my creative process.

    I'd like to dedicate this artwork to the memory of my friend James, who we unfortunately lost to suicide last year.

    I want this artwork to to be the light in someones life providing hope in moments they don’t see the wayout.

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