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FREE Worldwide postage on all original artworks

As seen in British Vogue & London Life

Original multipanelled acrylic painting on 1.5cm deep stretched cotton canvas

60 x 80cm in total - 4 x 30 x 40cm small panels

Hanging hardware applied on 4 sides, edges painted dark blue

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity

Signed on the back


Labour of Love (2019)

  • This canvas composition was inspired by embracing the highs and lows of developing an emotional connection with someone new. I am visually reflecting on the importance of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in oder to be able to connect and develop intimacy in our relationships. It was my first time using four canvases at the same time; creating this painting helped me to take risks in my life outside of the studio as well. 

    I created this artwork by splashing a mixture of diluted and heavy body paint on a freshly painted wet surface, allowing the different weights of mediums to migrate while the water was evaporating from the canvas.The unpredictability of the resulting outcome required me to embrace the vulnerability of this process and surrender all of my control until the layers were fully dry. The mixing colours represent the continuously evolving nature of relationships and the overpowering gold splashes depict the reward that comes from the risk taken by revealing ones softer side.

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