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FREE Worldwide postage on all original artworks

Original acrylic painting

100 x 150cm on 4cm deep stretched cotton canvas
Hanging hardwares applied on each 4 sides, edges painted purple

All artworks come with Certificate of Authenticity

Signed on the back

Purple Sunset (2021)

  • Anna recently completed an internal commission  creating a Positive Psychology Inspired painting for a major corporate, where she was asked to visually depict employees Hopes and Dreams for 2021, to help them to return to the office with a positive mindset and uplifted spirit. This project inspired her to look inward and reflect on the same within herself.

    Her initial intention was to create an atmosphere of peace for the viewer as this was something she witnessed so many of  the people she met during the pandemic were missing in the face of these uncertain times.

    She was searching for visuals from nature that help her to feel relaxed and  calm. The colour palette was inspired by sunsets over the ocean as both of these are part of her metal toolbox helping her to look after her mental wellbeing.

    While creating this piece, Anna was imagining herself sitting by the water watching the sun go down.

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