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FREE Worldwide delivery on all original artworks

You can make an offer to any original artworks here

Original acrylic painting 

100 x 150cm on  4cm deep stretched cotton canvas
Hanging hardwares applied on each 4 sides, edges painted gold

Can be hung 4 ways

All artworks come with Certificate of Authenticity

Signed on the back

Whirlwind (2021)

  • This piece was inspired by Post Traumatic Growth and was created during my own healing journey. 

    While creating this artwork I aimed to depict the reality of the raw emotional ups and downs during recovery showing that the road to healing is not a straight line and give permission to my self to let myself heal at my own peace. 

    I applied Positive Psychology Art Coaching techniques on myself and used the surface of my canvas to visually document my own healing. 

    Read the full story here

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