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FREE Worldwide postage on all original artworks

Original multipanelled acrylic painting on 1.5cm deep stretched cotton canvas

90 x 140cm in total - 1x 60 x 90cm Large Mosaic & 6x 30 x 40cm small Mosaics

Hanging hardware applied on 4 sides, edges painted dark blue

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity

Signed on the back


Under the Cloak of Night (2019)

  • This composition was inspired by how humans are evolutionarily programmed to need companionship.  I created this artwork at night, which inspired the title. I investigated the importance of  selecting who we surround ourselves with.  I visually contemplated some of the core qualities I appreciate in my close relationships such as loyalty, honesty and  trust.

    ​I painted this piece using three colours and visually contemplated the meaning of each from Colour Psychology in parallel of the impact of these core qualities on interpersonal relations. Dark navy represents the peacefulness and security that loyalty provides in a relationship. Turquoise that stands for clarity and open communication that results from the presence of honesty. The overlaying silver splashes serve as a mirror reflecting on the concept of  trust as an essential ingredient in lack of which the first two qualities can't be present.

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