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Brighten up your home or office and create your with positive psychology inspired original fine art.Whether you like to create your sanctuary at home or enhance your space at work ,we are here to help you find the perfect piece of fine art as unique as you are, tailored to your requirements.


"Alongside being an artist, I am also a Positive Psychology Practitioner  and Coach by training. Seeing the impact of the pandemic on the people around me inspired me to create Positive Psychology Art using my academic background to help positively reflect on the shared trauma we collectively suffered enabling to recognise the growth and how each of the adverse experiences helped me to strengthen within.

I create each of these artworks while applying Positive Psychology Art Coaching Techniques to facilitate my own Post Traumatic Growth. 

I would like to invite  the viewer to reflect on how traumas throughout  their lives  helped to shaped their characters and how perceived weaknesses can turned as strengths."

When All This Is Over

"I created this collection to bring calm and comfort to the viewer helping their mind to rest, wander and feel a sense of peace during these uncertain times. Providing a safe escape from the everyday worries that are, in the face of this pandemic at times amplified even more."
"This collection was born during the third UK lockdown of the Covid19 pandemic, inspired by the current challenges that I was facing as an artist. I used this time as an opportunity to creatively contemplate the adverse milestones throughout my journey, and how overcoming them helped me to grow into the most authentic version of myself.  I invite the viewer to reflect on events in their own lives that in retrospect turned out to be blessings guiding them closer towards their most authentic selves."